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Buddhism and Polyamory

The arguments against polyamory, polygamy and other plural relationships almost always comes down to religion in this country: Mormons and Muslims are wrong, one man / one woman Christians are “right”. You see this on every comment forum on every article about polygamy or polyamory on the Internet. So when I came across this article on […]

Penn Jillette’s 10 Commandments for Atheists

When Glenn Beck challenged Penn Jillette to prove Atheists are moral by coming-up with his own 10 Commandments, Penn Jillette gladly took the challenge. I think the list has more to do with simply living in society than being applicable to whether or not you believe in a higher being. It’s about believing in a higher cause.

At the basis of the marriage debate

Marriage is not, and should not be a religious issue. If marriage is to be a religious issue than only churches should be allowed to issue marriage licenses

Focus on the Family’s misguided “focus” on polyamory

It would seem that 86.1 million (or more) cheating spouses/partners is a much bigger threat to “traditional” marriage than half a million polyamorous people.

A brief history of polygamy, monogamy and celibacy in Christianity

A brief history of polygamy, monogamy and celibacy in Christianity.