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August 2008

First foray into Dom/sub relationships

Feeling kind of strange today. Mrs. Scribbens had her first real Dom/Sub training last night, her being the Sub and a good friend of ours being her Dom. It feels different to me. Like it’s one thing with her enjoying sex with someone else, or having intimate feelings for someone else, but having your wife […]

The battle between polyamorists and swingers

Recently I was reading a polyamory message board I subscribe to and came across a post from a couple just introducing themselves to the group. This couple is looking for a poly relationship but have been discouraged because as they put it: “All that’s out there is swingers and polygamists”. Wow. This is a stark […]

Will and Jada and the swinging controversy

There has been allot of Internet buzz about Will and Jada Smith being swingers. Well, I don’t think so, and here is why.

Open relationships vs. cheating

So today I am catching-up on my MySpace messages and such and a sponsored link on the right side of my screen is for AffairMatch.com. “Affairs Made Simple” proclaims the headline, and it goes on to advertise: “Married Men & Women Seeking Affairs. Discreet Online Forum. Free Sign Up” Now on MySpace such an ad […]

What is an open relationship?

The first post here. For those that have been in or are currently in an open relationship of any kind, the following information may be old hat. But for those unfamiliar with the different types of open relationships I’ll recap the basics here. An open relationship is any relationship (usually between two partners) where the […]