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Enter the Submissive Guide Kinky Wonderland Contest

Enter your name in the Submissive Guide / JT’s Stockroom Kinky Wonderland Contest and win some cool, kinky prizes.

The problem with “kink”

The new Rihanna video and the ensuing backlash has me thinking: The problem with the label “kink” is that 1) Everyone has some sort of kink, and 2) What you’re doing is always “normal” and what others are doing is “kink”.

Polyamory, swinging, kink and employment

Recently a Twitter contact and fellow sex blogger was fired from her job for her private life and as she puts it, “Clark Kent” identity on the web. She blogged about her open relationship and her escapades using the nom de plume: “The Beautiful Kind”. It appears her employer, a non-profit, was running Google searches […]