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The History of the Condom

From my friends over at Va Va Voom here is a graphical history of the condom. Through years of misinformation from those pursuing personal religious agendas the condom is still here and getting better every year.

A brief history of the vibrator

A brief history of the vibrator

Rape fantasy vs. being raped

There is a huge difference between sharing a forced sex, “rape” fantasy and exploring that in a safe, negotiated environment and actually being raped. I’ve heard too many horror stories about how a woman has shared her “rape” fantasy with someone and that person took advantage of it in a non-consensual manner under the reasoning of “That’s what I thought you wanted.”

Demand that the employees on duty at McDonald’s be held responsible in the beating of a trans woman

After an unidentified transgender woman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald’s, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees.

How many people are swingers or polyamorous?

You see figures all over the media about how many people are swingers, polyamorous or have some other form of open relationship. The truth is that all the stats are just educated guesses since many people are very guarded about their relationship type and won’t be honest even if asked in complete anonymity. From my personal […]