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How Big is “Big”? The Penis Poll.

Penis size is a very subjective topic since 7″ might be “big” to one woman and 10″ to another. Conversely, 6″ might be considered a small dick to one woman while another thinks anything less than 4″ is “small”.

REVIEW: Electro-Stimulation with The Nexus iSTIM

When my friends over at Va-Va-Voom contacted me about testing the Nexus iSTIM I was elated since electro-stimulation is so, well, stimulating. The thought of shocking people brings-out the sadist in me faster than you can say “electron flow”

What people say turns them on isn’t always what does

You may think your man wants you to share your girlfriend with him, but he’s really thinking about you getting banged by him and few of his closest friends after the Super Bowl party.

Does she really need his permission?

What irked me is the idea that his girlfriend needed to “ask” him before she submitted a photo of herself to a porn site like his.

The comedy in getting a vasectomy

Ah memories. Even better when there is comedy attached to it.