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Saying polyamory is all about sex is simply faulty logic

All relationships are about sex to some extent. But to apply that aspect to only polyamory is simply faulty logic.

You’re in love with two people. Your friends and family say you have to chose just one.

Why is it that many people acknowledge the fact that you can be in love with two people simultaneously but then believe you also have to chose just one? Especially if the two are fine with sharing your affections and time?

TheSmokingGun.com and David Lee

So far nothing has been found in the ICE raid of the University of Northern Virginia’s offices other than BDSM and polyamory stuff on Chancellor David Lee’s personal computer they seized and the bottom feeding press over at TheSmokingGun.com jumped right on that, exposing this man’s legal personal life that is nobody’s difference.

Should you tell your family that you are polyamorous?

You have to do what’s right for you, but keep in mind that polyamory is the family you chose and they chose you for who you are. Isn’t that supposed to be a major feature of a family, that they love you unconditionally? If they don’t, if they put conditions on their love, do they really love you? Or do they love the person they want (or believe) you to be?

A great music video about polyamory

I came across this great music video about polyamory done to the music of Chairlift, a song called Bruises. The video is cute and the song is catchy. I’m looking for it on iTunes.