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General Society’s Perception of Non-Monogamy

Some recent studies by researchers at the University of Michigan has shown that people are less trusting of those in open relationships than they are of people in monogamous relationships. Right down to the potential of paying their taxes AND flossing their teeth.

Our Household and Polyamory

Sharing an average day in our life in hopes of shedding a little light on the real life of a polyamorous household. You know, not ones done for reality TV and ratings.

Casting Call for a New Reality Show about Swingers

Tucker Media is currently casting for a reality TV show about swingers for a mainstream cable channel. Read-on if you are interested and would like more information on how to be involved.

Women don’t masturbate

Women don’t naturally masturbate. Those that do are are pressured into it by their boyfriend or husband.


Why are those that destroy people’s livelihoods considered “moral” because they’re religious, and I’m immoral for my relationship and sexual preferences?