Saying polyamory is all about sex is simply faulty logic

Whenever general society talks about polyamory and other multiple relationship styles they always focus on the sex part as if plural relationships are all about the sex.

However, aren’t most relationships in the Western world about sex? We’re brought-up from the day we’re born being told that the only legitimate sex is sex between a married couple. Sex is dangled in front of us as the reward for getting married. So we have people getting married before they are ready just to legitimatize the sex they are having, or want to have, with someone else. And the two biggest issues behind the ensuing divorce? Sex and money differences.

So people get married for sex and divorced because of it also. Yet the anti-plural relationship folk never see the hypocrisy in their beliefs. The fact that what brought them together in a monogamous relationship (at least it is for a while) was the lust goggles blurring their clear view of the other person. And as time goes on and the lust subsides and real life sets-in, they all of a sudden realize that other than parts that fit together they have nothing in common, and the fights ensue with every little thing the other person does annoying the hell out them.

So yes, all relationships are about sex to some extent. To apply that aspect to only polyamory is simply faulty logic.

NOTE: As a response to comments from others I thought I should clarify the meaning of this post; many thought it was about polyfuckery. However, Dear Abby answered a question about polyamory this week and the responses to this person’s relationship choice were nauseating, if not common and stereotypical amongst general society. Being a woman who is married and also has a male partner living with them, the comments ranged from “slut” to “her husband must not be a man because she needs someone else to satisfy her”. The usual stuff by those that are insecure and thus threatened by and judgmental of other’s relationships that don’t look exactly like their own. The root of the issue being that the reason they are not monogamous is because of sex. This it got me thinking, and thinking, and I don’t think this subject is done yet. Stay tuned.