Focus on the Family’s misguided “focus” on polyamory

The freaks over at Focus on the Family have this to say about polyamory:

This nebulous, free-for-all model of the family looms ahead for our society unless a bulwark is created in the form of a constitutional amendment protecting marriage…

I have to point this out:

There is an estimated 500,000 polyamorous people in the United States out of 246,000,000 adults.  It’s a conservative estimate that 35% of people in monogamous relationships cheat, or 86,100,000.

Knowing this it would seem that 86.1 million (or more) cheating spouses/partners is a much bigger threat to “traditional” marriage than half a million polyamorous people.

Maybe Focus on the Family should sweep the snow of their porch before they worry about the snow on other’s porches.