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January 2011

What’s your best advice to get around and properly deal with jealousy when in a polyamorous relationship?

Remember that your partner is with you because they want to be, not because they have to be. You’re holding the door open for them to leave, yet they return. Keep in mind that you offer something to your partner, fulfill something in them, that nobody else does. That there is not another you in this world and therefore you are special to your partner(s) in a manner that no one else in their life is.

Ask me about Polyamory on SomethingAwful.com

Through Clarisse Thorn’s column on LoveBites.com I became aware of a forum thread on SomethingAweful.com about polyamory.  The original poster did a great job of honestly and openly answering people’s questions and was amazingly patient with the stereotypical stupid ones such as: Can you post physical proportions for yourself and the main three men in your […]