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December 2010

How would you define the term “sex positive”?

How would you define the term “sex positive”? To me being sex positive is being open to ALL kinds of sexual preferences and interests and not discriminating based on personal feelings or preferences. What someone likes may not be what I like, but because it is their kink it is just as valid as mine. […]

Mormons, Polygamy, Polyamory and Living in Utah

Living in Salt Lake City, what percentage of folks that you associate with are Mormon? Is the polyamour that you practice similar to a Mormon and his six wives? If so, how do you differentiate the two? I associate with many Mormons in everyday public life. Many of the people I know in my private […]

Don’t over-think polyamory

We humans have a tendency to over think things, especially our romantic relationships. But that rarely leads to any good outcomes. Especially in polyamory.

Searching for BDSM

When searching for BDSM, these countries are tops.

When do you lose your virginity? – From Formspring

What counts as “losing your virginity”?