Laughing at the hypocrisy

There was a great article about a polyamorous triad in the Boston Globe back on January 3, 2010 titled Love’s New Frontier, and of course the requisite comments from the morality police with nothing more to do all day than post to news sites.   All but one, spouting their own stories of perfect marriages and monogamy and how their God will strike everyone dead who doesn’t believe as they personally believe.

I’m beyond fighting them right now.  I’m well into laughing at them.  Big, ruckus belly laughs.

See, they’re hypocrites.  Or maybe they just have their head buried so far in their own piousness or religious books that they don’t even see what is going on around them, or acknowledge or justify in some sick manner their own behavior.

Is this unusual?  No.  We all know public figures – celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc. –  who talk monogamy and family values and paint a Norman Rockwell vision of their perfect life with their perfect spouse and children, yet they don’t don’t walk the talk they feed us.

Estimates of how many people cheat are all over the board, from 30% of women and 40% of men, to upward of 60% for both.  In a 2007 MSNBC poll: Many cheat for a thrill, more stay true for love, nearly 50% of over 70,000 respondents admit to having cheated during their life and 22% had cheated on their current partner.  I emphasis “admit” because even in anonymous online polls many still don’t tell the truth or don’t admit to themselves that they were cheating because of whatever reasoning they conjure up.

By looking at these statistics we can speculate that at least 50% of all relationships experience cheating by at least one member of the couple.

So when I read these sanctimonious comments to articles on polyamory, swinging and other alternative relationship styles I have to laugh out loud, because I know that at least half of the people writing them either think their partner has been 100% faithful or are not admitting that they themselves have not been faithful, but put-up the front of being so and judging others.

People’s hypocrisy knows no limits.