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December 2008

Is wanting a threesome grounds for divorce?

Yup, you read that right.  Recently I read this exact question posted on an online advice columnist: “My husband asked me for a threesome, is this grounds for divorce?” Unfortunately this is how many people think.  They are so afraid of their significant others fantasies that they immediately jump to the most extreme response possible. […]

The Rope

Recently a friend of mine made the comment that he didn’t want to get into any serious relationship any time soon. As he put it “I’m not ready to climb that rope again, done it over and over…” My response was this poem. Perhaps a bit trite and silly but it comes from the heart. […]

MySpace promotes cheating

I am on one today.  I’m on MySpace and there all all these “Sponsored Links” for finding someone to cheat on your significant other with.  Every once in a while this kind of stuff gets me going.  The way general society treats cheating as “normal” but having a relationship where you are honest with your […]