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November 2008

The Cheating Wife Syndrome

Something Lucretia MacEvil and I have encountered on numerous occasions when men contact her is what I like to call “The Cheating Wife Syndrome”.  What this is, is the idea that a woman that is cheating on her husband is a bigger turn-on to men than knowing that she has permission. How this comes about […]

Bending the Rules

Recently I have taken a new lover.  Which is good because I lost a lover not long ago because he reunited with his ex… blah blah blah (see previous posts from Mr. Scribbens). Now normally Mr. Scribbens must meet and approve of all potential lovers before any play time is allowed. Also, I made it […]

Advice for the Newbie Swinger

I wish I’d written this, but I didn’t.  This is some great advice for anyone thinking about swinging.  Hell, it’s great advice for even non-swingers to help them understand swingers and what the lifestyle is really about.  This post comes from The Swingers Board, which in my opinion is the #1 resource on the web […]