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State AG wants Sister Wives’ challenge of Utah’s anti-polygamy laws dismissed

The Sister Wives challenge of Utah’s polygamy laws is really about challenging outdated sex laws aimed at polygamists and gays but also affect the consensual adult relationships of others. If the State wants to go after polygamists than let them do so for actual crimes wherein people are harmed physically, emotionally and financially.

Why Utah’s Anti-Polygamy Laws Need to be Abolished

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives are challenging Utah’s 121-year old polygamy law, however the laws affect many more people than just polygamists.

One Conservative’s war on sex outside of marriage

Utah’s finest, J. David Baxter, seems to have launched personal war on sex outside of marriage

Mormons, Polygamy, Polyamory and Living in Utah

Living in Salt Lake City, what percentage of folks that you associate with are Mormon? Is the polyamour that you practice similar to a Mormon and his six wives? If so, how do you differentiate the two? I associate with many Mormons in everyday public life. Many of the people I know in my private […]

What’s the swingingest city in Texas? We’re about to find out

CouplesTouch.com is sponsoring four parties presented by the Texas Lifestyle Party Group, Euphoria to see which city in Texas is the swiningest of them all.