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Advice for those that feel guilt about their fantasies

The only unnatural sexual act between consenting adults is that which their bodies cannot perform. So don’t let anyone tell you that you are sick and perverted because your sexual fantasies and turn-ons don’t match theirs.

DungeonPlace Podcast Episode 43: We Are Back! | DungeonPlace.com

The DungeonPlace.com podcast has returned with your’s truly and many wonderful people.

How would you define the term “sex positive”?

How would you define the term “sex positive”? To me being sex positive is being open to ALL kinds of sexual preferences and interests and not discriminating based on personal feelings or preferences. What someone likes may not be what I like, but because it is their kink it is just as valid as mine. […]

When do you lose your virginity? – From Formspring

What counts as “losing your virginity”?

Women who like to be dominated

Recently I came across an interesting article on Alternet.org – Women who want to be dominated in bed: Talking to BDSM submissives. It’s a great article and I highly recommend reading it.