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Boy Butter Cream Lubricant

It all started with a tweet. A tweet about boy butter. Now, my first thought was boy butter was just like man chowder, but I was quickly set straight by several of my Twitter followers that informed me that boy butter is indeed Boy Butter, the personal lubricant. Then, the good folks at Va Va […]

Town Manager fired over wife’s porn career

The Town Manager of Fort Meyers Beach, FL, was fired because it was discovered by some nosy self-proclaimed do-gooder that his wife is a porn star working under an assumed name.

The 15 things that really turn men on

I get such a chuckle out of all those Cosmopolitan magazine articles on “What Your Man Really Thinks” and “What Really Turns Your Man On”.  As I read these things I ask myself: Did they really ask any men about this? Or did a bunch of women just sit around the conference room at Cosmo […]

Fat Girls and Swinging

A question that I get asked a lot in the swinging lifestyle is about body types and beauty.  Some examples: “I’m not thin or beautiful will anyone be attracted to me?” “I’m not a size 2 or a size 10; no one will want a fat girl.” “What if my penis isn’t big enough?” “I […]