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Interesting sites about polyamory, swinging, open relationships and BDSM from around the web.

Polyamory Blogs

A Poly Life

Approximately 8,000 Words

Curvaceous Dee


Full Marriage Equality

Journals of a Polyamorous Triad

Kimchi Cuddles polyamory web comic

A Kinky June Cleaver


Manacles & Monocles


Not Your Mother’s Playground




The Radical Poly Agenda

Sweltering Celt

The Priestess Speaks

Polyamory Resources

12 Pillars of Polyamory

Atlanta Poly Weekend

Full Marriage Equality

Glossary of Polyamory Terms by Franklin Veaux

Jenny Block’s official website

Polyamory 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

Franklin Veaux’s Polyamory: What, like, two girlfriends?

Loving More

Modern Poly

More Than Two

The Twitter Poly Daily

Poly/Mono Yahoo! Group

Poly Groups Registry

Poly Pipeline

The Polyamory Project

Polyamory Practically

Polyamory Weekly Forums

Polyamory in the News

Poly-Friendly Professionals


The Polyamory Society


Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up

Utah Polyamory Society Website

Utah Polyamory Society Yahoo! Group

What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory

BDSM Blogs

The Kinky Buddhist

52 Weeks of Kink

A Kinkster’s Guide

Ava Grace: The Beauty of Submission

Coyote Too

The Consentual Master

Curvaceous Dee

Diary of a Kinky Librarian

Dungeon Place: Home of the Dungeon Place Podcast

Graydancer’s Ropecast



Kink Abuse

Kinky Buddhist

Kinky Cup of Tea 

Liquid Jade

Lolita Wolf’s Predictions & Predilections


Minx Grrl

BDSM Resources

Dominant Guide


NLA: National Leather Association International

NLA: Utah Chapter of the National Leather Association

Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather

Submissive Guide

Polyamory and Kink Friendly Professionals

Polychromatic’s list of polyamory-friendly professionals

Practical Polyamory’s list of polyamory and kink friendly professionals


Couples Touch

Life on the Swingset

Rebecca Ammon

Swingers Board

Swing Lifestyle

Swingcast Swinger Podcast

The Swinger Manual

Other Open Relationships

Confessions From My Open Marriage

Friendly Neighborhood Hedonists

Sex & Sexuality

Approximately 8,000 Words

Bisexual Organizing Project

Coffee House Tramps

Jujubees Journal

Liberated Christians

Kinky Buddhist

Minx Grrl

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Sugarbutch Chronicles


Sexy Online Shopping

All Things Kink
The BDSM Bazaar. From Naughty to Nasty. Kink Toys, Clothes, Jewelry and More

Collar Factory
Your one-stop source for personalized collars, custom cuffs, and unique handmade belts.

Nipple Charms
Sexy Swinger Jewelry & Hotwife Charms
Non-piercing body jewelry and accessories

Poly Tees
All kinds of poly-themed apparel and other items! We have the largest selection of PolyDragon items, an iconic Heart / Infinity design, the Official Poly Formula, and a whole bunch of humorous non-monogamous shirts! Some of our designs are subtle and will slide right under the radar of the more traditional-minded crowd, but some designs will stand right up and shout out your poly nature!

The Stockroom
Sex Toys and Bondage Gear

Trinity Romance Shop
Your online sex-positive resource for phthalate free sex toys, and all of the other juicy bits that go along with them. Our buying principals are very strict because we like to worry about what’s out there so you don’t have to, and we do it all with a smart, sexy, and fun approach.

Va Va Voom
Women Friendly • 100% Discreet Shopping

Tattoo and Art

Liquid Jade Tattoos