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Your Help Needed! «Not Your Mothers Playground

From my friend Samantha over at Not Your Mothers Playground: Hey all, I’ve been on holiday for a while, but now I’m back in full force, looking for your help. This week I’m working on my publishing proposal. What I want to include is why my book “Not Your Mother’s Playground: A Guide to Open […]

Why are therapists so down on polyamory and swinging?

There is a very small number therapists who are versed in relationships other than heterosexual monogamous ones. Why are they so down on them?

Dutch study says swingers have more STI’s than even prostitutes

About 0.2% of the population of this great state is actively looking to be swingers. Or in simple math, 1 in 500 people. Or, about 40 people at an average NBA game.

Clarifying cheating vs. polyamory and other open relationships

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the definitions of particular relationship matters and structures. So in an effort to make the world a better place I hereby attempt to clarify things a little.

Polyamory, swinging and fulfilling missing needs within a relationship

One is “replacement” relationships which can be harmful to your current relationship, the latter is “additional” relationships that build on your current relationship.