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Cowboys and Injuries: When monogamists pursue the polyamorous

Mistress Matisse has written a great article for the Seattle-based alternative weekly “The Stranger” about monogamist’s pursuing polyamorous people.

Bringing-up the topic of an open relationship to your partner

People understand you can have more than just one friend, even if you have a “best friend”, but many have problems applying that same logic to romantic relationships.

Clarifying cheating vs. polyamory and other open relationships

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the definitions of particular relationship matters and structures. So in an effort to make the world a better place I hereby attempt to clarify things a little.

Polyamory, swinging and fulfilling missing needs within a relationship

One is “replacement” relationships which can be harmful to your current relationship, the latter is “additional” relationships that build on your current relationship.

Traditional Relationships from Dungeonplace.com

My friend Tutivillus over at Dungeonplace.com posted the following ideas of his regarding traditional relationships after a polyamory post he made a little while back.  Read what he’s said and if you have any ideas or opinions be sure to comment on Dungeonplace.com. The post about Polyamory sparked a bit of a debate…and some attempts […]