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Polyamory, BDSM and open relationships in the news.

General pubic’s view of polyamory and polygamy

Alan over at Polamory in the News did a great job of collecting a number of links to resources on Sister Wives and polygamy. The Brown’s are a good example of a functioning, long-term plural relationship and family.

Perceptions of Polygamy

It’s amazing the number of “experts” there are on polygamy. The new TLC series “Sister Wives” has brought them out in droves. Here’s my thoughts on a few of them.

Is polyamory an experiment?

I don’t feel polyamory is anymore an experiment than monogamy, and based on monogamy’s long-term success rate I’d say monogamy is an ongoing but failing experiment.

Cowboys and Injuries: When monogamists pursue the polyamorous

Mistress Matisse has written a great article for the Seattle-based alternative weekly “The Stranger” about monogamist’s pursuing polyamorous people.

Fetish photos of Angelina Jolie surface

“Kinky BDSM” photos of Angelina Jolie have surfaced showing her topless with a collar and leash as well as black tape over her nipples.