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Polyamory, BDSM and open relationships in the news.

TheSmokingGun.com and David Lee

So far nothing has been found in the ICE raid of the University of Northern Virginia’s offices other than BDSM and polyamory stuff on Chancellor David Lee’s personal computer they seized and the bottom feeding press over at TheSmokingGun.com jumped right on that, exposing this man’s legal personal life that is nobody’s difference.

Demand that the employees on duty at McDonald’s be held responsible in the beating of a trans woman

After an unidentified transgender woman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald’s, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees.

One Conservative’s war on sex outside of marriage

Utah’s finest, J. David Baxter, seems to have launched personal war on sex outside of marriage

Polyamorous Internet

Can’t find any neighbors that are polyamorous with their Internet, so there haven’t been any updates recently.

Women who like to be dominated

Recently I came across an interesting article on Alternet.org – Women who want to be dominated in bed: Talking to BDSM submissives. It’s a great article and I highly recommend reading it.