TED Talk: Sex Needs a New Metaphor

I really enjoyed this TED Talk about sex needing a new metaphor, something besides baseball, because as Al Vernacchio points-out, the baseball metaphor is heterosexist, competitive, goal-directed and rule-bound. So he suggests something else, like pizza. Why pizza? Because it’s something everyone can enjoy, and pizza comes in millions of combinations and flavors and everyone who eats it is satisfied and there is no winner and loser when sharing a pizza. Watch the talk and enjoy. Yum.

[ted id=1761]

  • Vallin SFAS

    As you can see by my thumbnail, I think Brit-invasion/Prog-Glam Rock should be a metaphor for EVERYTHING. Particularly Emerson Lake & Palmer’s great line from “Pirates”: “…and any other laden fancy–WE WILL TAKE HER BY SURPRISE!” (Lake/Sinfield).

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