Women don’t masturbate

I came across this comment on a YouTube video by WOIP, War on Illegal Pornography, in response to a Groupon offer for discount tours of The Armory in San Francisco.

Are you saying everyone will definitely masturbate at one point in their lives? I know people who never have. They tend to be girls; and the girls who have masturbated usually were pressured by their boyfriends.

It almost blows my mind that someone thinks like this.

No wait. It doesn’t.

Ms. Dawn Hawkins also needs to learn the difference between consensual sexual play and rape. Claiming to be protecting women from rape while not knowing or being able to identify the difference between consensual bondage, discipline, spankings, humiliation play, group sex, public sex, etc. and rape is simply an insult to survivors and victims of rape, sexual abuse and violence.