Bad sex and relationship advice

I’m sure this is going to be an ongoing theme with this blog, so I’ve even given it it’s own category.

This is from was an article called “Does Abstinence Turn Men On?” that came across one of my saved Google searches. Don’t ask me why, either because it has nothing to do with my search  terms. This quote is by Tiy-E Muhammad, who bills himself as “Professor of Psychology, Consultant Services for Sex Therapy, Family Therapy, Author, and Relationship Therapy”. This is one of the shittiest things I’ve ever heard a “professional” say:

Most men don’t care about whether the sex is good. We’re just concerned about the climax and waiting is okay with us.

I have to disagree, just from the shear number of married-and-wanting-to-cheat men that contact couples on swinger websites. It’s always the same old, worn-out story: “I love my life but she doesn’t like the sex I do and she won’t even entertain it so I’m looking for someone who will.” There are many men who love their wife, but their wife bought into Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad’s thinking and don’t think they need to bring anything to the table except their vagina. It may be what Dr. Tie-E’s readers want to hear, but it’s really shitty advice and that kind of thinking is the road to infidelity for your partner.

Listen: Men care. Women care. Neither wants bad, lackluster or boring sex. Just having a cock or a cunt is not enough to satisfy your partner. Everyone wants their fantasies to be fulfilled, or at least entertained by their partner. And if you are entering into a monogamous relationship where you will be the only person your partner will have sex with from this moment on, you better be willing to be the lover they want, or at least try to be.