A Quote that Summarizes the GOP, the Christian Right and Women

With the current political climate of the GOP trying hard as they may to eliminate women’s rights, and slut shaming any woman who stands-up against them, I felt this quote by Erica Jong is most appropriate and sums-up very well the war on women that these arrogant, self-righteous and insecure men:

“The Virgin Mary is a sanitized version of the Mother Goddess – sanitized and fragmented. She is Woman devoid of her sexuality, Woman giving birth without human intercourse, Woman as unbroken hymen, the child-woman, the ideal of the “female eunuch” which Christianity has imposed upon one-half of the human species as the price of their very survival upon this earth… Christianity claims to honor the woman as mother but does not acknowledge her power to give life. Thus Woman is doomed to live in a double bind which is at once psychological and physical: she is damned for doing the very thing that keeps the race alive. Man, for his part, is damned for partaking of that guilty sexuality, and doomed to wander the world turning virgins into whores, then cursing his fate in having no true mate to love.”