How Big is “Big”? The Penis Poll.

I recently listened to Episode 4 of Pedestrian Polyamory’s podcast: All About the Penis – Size DOES Matter. Throughout it Shira B. Katz talks about how she is a size queen except when… Well, there were a number of situations when she is a size queen, but isn’t, such as with oral and anal sex. I can see how different size cocks work better in some scenarios than in others, so I won’t fault her for this thinking. It just makes me think: The lady is a size queen except when she isn’t. Okay, I can dig it.

I personally think cock size has nothing to do with polyamory and more to do with personal preference, casual sex, swinging and cuckolding. However, this got me thinking: Throughout the podcast Shira often refers to “big” cocks and “small” cocks, but never says what she personally considers big or small. Cock size is a very controversial and subjective topic since 7″ might be “big” to one woman and 10″ to another. Conversely, 6″ might be considered a small dick to one woman while another thinks anything less than 4″ is “small”.

So, through this informal and completely unscientific poll I’d like to know what you men and women who like cocks in your mouth, ass and pussy (if you have one) consider “small” or “large”, and what makes someone a “size queen”?

UPDATE: I am assuming length/girth proportionate, so not “long and skinny” or “short and fat”. I thought about adding girth however the combinations of length/girth would make these questions painfully long and over-complicated.

I consider my self a:

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What is the minimum length you consider to be a "large cock"?

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What is the maximum length you consider to be a "small cock"?

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How big a cock is required to be considered a "size queen"?

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P.S. I prefer the term “cunt” but was afraid I’d offend some people’s gentle sensibilities.

  • Just my $.02, but width is a huge factor [pun intended], sometimes more so than length. If a guy has a 9″ cock, but it’s really ‘skinny’, then it’s not going to really get the job done right. At least not for me. I want girth.

  • Lucius Scribbens

    I agree, and in one survey Shira cited 90% of women polled would rather have an average length, thick cock than a longer and skinnier one. But in my wine-addled state last night I was unable to figure-out how to incorporate that into the poll. Maybe I need to ask the same questions but about girth. Hmmm.

  • Yes, I agree that girth plays a… um… big factor in size, and was surprised that it was not listed here.  Girth rather than length has made the difference between me being able to take a cock and me not being able to take one.

  • Lucius Scribbens

    I theorize that “big” is assumed length/width proportionate. The cocks you see in porn are almost always proportionate. In porn you don’t see many long cocks that’s aren’t also thick.

  • Bikil

    I just want to point out to all the mens out there that some of us run away screaming from anything longer than 8″, heh. So, in that case, size does matter, but not in the way men think it does. Most men know this, but just in case. 

  • Anonymous

    Some of us size queens are more interested in girth than length. And this size queen is perfectly happy with men with small cocks, if they know what to do with their hands/fists.

  • Makeus2nite

    I think girth has a HUGE.. yes Huge.. advantage. I personally prefer a guy with girth vs length. Length definitely plays a factor but there is a limit… I would scream n run away from a ‘monster’!!!!!

  • David

    The worst is when girls are competitive over who’s bf is the biggest, regardless of actual preference. I was with one girl, and a lot of her friends would make subtle jokes about my size. One time they even talked about it when I was in the room, and it was pretty well established that I was the smallest out of the bf’s of her inner circle of friends and it was the worst, since my gf didn’t share my size but everyone knew

  • Ray Mitchell

    fists? Are you octomom or completely destroyed down there?

  • Duante Amorculo

    girth or length?

  • Size does matter, absolutely. But there will always be an optimal size. Smaller than that is too small and bigger than that is too big.