You’re in love with two people. Your friends and family say you have to chose just one.

Why is it that many people acknowledge the fact that you can be in love with two people simultaneously but then believe you also have to chose just one? Especially if the two are fine with sharing your affections and time?

More about this in another post.

  • Furry Love (Tatty)

    Why care about what others say. It’s your and your partner’s/partners’ happiness, not the commentators’. 🙂

  • Furry Love

    Ugh, Sorry. That sounds like everything is so easy. I know it is not. I was trying to be encouraging.

  • No issues. It’s not me personally anyway. I was reading the summary for the movie “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”. It’s the typical “she falls in love with two men but has to chose one” scenario. Why choose just one? Anyway, I’ll watch the movie and find-out what she does.