Does she really need his permission?

I saw this question on Tumblr today. It was asked of a person who posts some pretty sexy photos, professionally done, amateur and submissions to his blog. The gist of it kind of irked me:

What irked me is the idea that his girlfriend needed to “ask” him before she submitted a photo of herself to a site like his. I don’t feel she needs his permission. She should probably bring it up to him in a manner such as: “I’m thinking about submitting a nude photo of myself to this website. How do you feel about that?”

You see, she’s her own person. She doesn’t need his permission or approval to do anything that doesn’t harm him, such as cutting off his finger or shaving crappy designs into his hair. He may have an opinion on it and she should take his feelings into consideration, but ultimately it’s her body, her pictures and she can do what she wants with them. Then, he can deal with it however he will.

Requiring her to get his permission to do something such as this to me just screams of issues that require authoritative control over another to suppress. This behavior works for a while, but eventually leads to the destruction of a relationship.

This is especially true in polyamorous relationships that depend on the individuality and independence of the people involved while still being connected to them. Others independence must be respected while at the same time they must be aware of and consider their partner’s feelings and concerns.  It’s a very gray area where one person’s fist ends and their partners’ nose begins. Respect of everyone’s feelings is paramount while at the same time not infringing on anyone’s autonomy.