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July 2011

Should you tell your family that you are polyamorous?

You have to do what’s right for you, but keep in mind that polyamory is the family you chose and they chose you for who you are. Isn’t that supposed to be a major feature of a family, that they love you unconditionally? If they don’t, if they put conditions on their love, do they really love you? Or do they love the person they want (or believe) you to be?

Does she really need his permission?

What irked me is the idea that his girlfriend needed to “ask” him before she submitted a photo of herself to a porn site like his.

A great music video about polyamory

I came across this great music video about polyamory done to the music of Chairlift, a song called Bruises. The video is cute and the song is catchy. I’m looking for it on iTunes.

The comedy in getting a vasectomy

Ah memories. Even better when there is comedy attached to it.