Rape fantasy vs. being raped

There is a huge difference between sharing a forced sex, “rape” fantasy and exploring it in a safe, negotiated environment and actually being raped. I’ve heard too many horror stories about how a woman has shared her “rape” fantasy with someone and that person took advantage of it in a non-consensual manner under the reasoning of “That’s what I thought you wanted.”

  • @LScribbens, I love your blog and I frequently refer to it when I’m confounded in my poly life over something that you’ve almost always discussed. I just reblogged the Rape Play entry on my tumbler; I follow you as .loteria. or http://bellazasinedad.tumblr.com and I’ve encountered you elsewhere, too. Thanks for all your hard work and for being such a helpful and approachable resource!

  • Thank you. I’m very flattered.

  • Hatsforthenameless

     A “rape fantasy” is only a rape fantasy if everyone involved gives consent beforehand. Thank you for exploring this topic.