Focus on the Family’s misguided “focus” on polyamory

The freaks over at Focus on the Family have this to say about polyamory:

This nebulous, free-for-all model of the family looms ahead for our society unless a bulwark is created in the form of a constitutional amendment protecting marriage…

I have to point this out:

There is an estimated 500,000 polyamorous people in the United States out of 246,000,000 adults.  It’s a conservative estimate that 35% of people in monogamous relationships cheat, or 86,100,000.

Knowing this it would seem that 86.1 million (or more) cheating spouses/partners is a much bigger threat to “traditional” marriage than half a million polyamorous people.

Maybe Focus on the Family should sweep the snow of their porch before they worry about the snow on other’s porches.

  • Carla

    You know, we (the pro-gay marriage peoples) have been saying “if you’re so worried about marriages falling apart, why aren’t you banning divorce?” for a long time, and they don’t seem to respond to that one either.

    It would appear that logic and reason are not among their strengths. All this really amounts to is, “ARGHDIVERSITYISSCARY!!” *sigh*

  • Sadly, logic and reason have never been part of the toolbox the right-wing extremists use. Fear, propaganda, and sensationalism yes, bet never logic or reason.
    I also find it rather ironic that they chose to name their organization ‘Family’ and associate with the ‘Family Values’ movement, which seems to have nothing to do with stable, loving families, and has a lot to do with ‘upper middle class white christian families with no gay children’.

  • Eric N Gross

    Polyamory *IS* a bigger threat than infidelity. Think of it this way: Cheaters know that what they are doing is wrong within the context of traditional marriage. Polyamorists, however, reject the traditional-marriage model altogether and demand greater cultural acceptance of their beliefs, AT THE OBJECTIVE EXPENSE of traditional cultural norms. Because polyamory “rocks the boat” more than infidelity, it is inherently a greater threat.