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February 2011

Not having sex with your partner? They’re cheating!

I thought about this. In my experience I’ve always got more sex from my partner when they are fucking other people, whether they were cheating or in an open-relationship.

How not to discuss an open relationship

This is a great example of how not to discuss an open relationship with your partner.

Why is it hard to find a polyamory-minded partner?

I’m finding it hard to find anyone to complete my relationship so I’m feeling kinda like I got a hole. They either wanna screw everything that walks (which is fine, but not want we want) or be monogamous (yuck! 🙂

A blog post from a friend about polyamory

This is a post about polyamory from a friend and fellow panel-member on the DungeonPlace.com podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

Focus on the Family’s misguided “focus” on polyamory

It would seem that 86.1 million (or more) cheating spouses/partners is a much bigger threat to “traditional” marriage than half a million polyamorous people.