Ask me about Polyamory on

Through Clarisse Thorn’s column on I became aware of a forum thread on about polyamory.  The original poster did a great job of honestly and openly answering people’s questions and was amazingly patient with the stereotypical stupid ones such as:

Can you post physical proportions for yourself and the main three men in your ‘network’? Height/weight/age/size/etc. I’ve met two people who were polyamorous, and both of them were exceedingly overweight women who would very frequently talk about their most recent experience with partner n. I’ve always wondered if there was a trend…


There’s not really a delicate way to ask, so I’ll just come out with it: were you molested as a child?

and the typical “what about the children?” question

Also, if you decide to have children will you continue to be polyamorous? If so, how will you explain the situation to your children?

Which actually wasn’t phrased all that bad and is a legitimate question from the uninitiated, but still stereotypical. Read through the thread if you have some time and let me know what you think.