When do you lose your virginity? – From Formspring

Q. In your opinion, which of the following counts as losing your virginity? handjobs/fingerbanging, oral, anal, vaginal, all of the above (I ask because I’ve heard some pretty peculiar takes on this issue.)

A. This is a difficult topic to define because the general consensus is that penetrative, male/female sex is how you lose your virginity. But where does that leave lesbians? They definitely aren’t virgins.

My personal opinion is: It doesn’t matter. Virginity is overly-prized and overvalued in our society. I don’t think any other animal besides humans give a rat’s ass about virginity. Virginity is just another way to classify people (for good or bad) and to worship or despise them for it.

Teenagers laugh at someone that is a virgin. Some adult men prize a virgin woman. Some people feel a woman who has had sex with more men than the one she lost her virginity to is “dirty” and a “slut”.

But none of that removes the importance and and emotions one feels toward the person they lose their virginity to. It is a big thing in a young person’s life. And only each individual can decide, based on their emotions about the experience, when the officially lost their virginity.

So for that reason I defer to the individual to decide when, where and with whom they lost their virginity, for that is the only definition that really should matter to anyone.

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