Mormons, Polygamy, Polyamory and Living in Utah

Living in Salt Lake City, what percentage of folks that you associate with are Mormon? Is the polyamour that you practice similar to a Mormon and his six wives? If so, how do you differentiate the two?

I associate with many Mormons in everyday public life. Many of the people I know in my private life are “recovering Mormons” and are now inactive in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Polygamy and polyamory do have some similarities, such as the multiple partner aspect, but many differences, also.

Much of polygamy is religious-based, such as in Fundamentalist Mormon and Islam. Polygamy revolves around marriage and sense of ownership and entitlement. Also, much of polygamy is based in polygyny, one man/multiple women. Rarely is polyandry seen (one woman/multiple men).

Polyamory is based on relationships not just defined by marriage. Polyamory is at it’s core supposed to also offer more freedom to all partners in the relationship, meaning it’s not just one man and a harem of women. Women are just as free to have relationships with others (both men and women) as men are.

At least in theory. I know of many One Penis Policy (OPP) relationships and although it’s the way they do things I can’t say I support it, and in my experience OPP rarely lasts long. Either things equalize or the relationship implodes.

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  • bigdaddywill

    Don’t know that I can completely agree. We have had a OPP policy for many years now and has worked perfectly. The girls’ choice is not to seek other male partners, doesn’t make it necessarily less successful.

  • My family is the same way. The OPP is my wife’s, not mine. I am open to her exploring, but she tells me she wants only me and our Unicorn.
    I also don’t really approve of a OPP. Unicorn Hunters do tend to be a sort of ‘larval form’ of polyamory that most couples grow out of.
    This was a nice post, btw. It clearly and simply explained the difference between Polygs and Poly peeps.