How would you define the term “sex positive”?

How would you define the term “sex positive”?

To me being sex positive is being open to ALL kinds of sexual preferences and interests and not discriminating based on personal feelings or preferences. What someone likes may not be what I like, but because it is their kink it is just as valid as mine.

In my opinion the moment you judge someone else’s sexuality (being consensual and of legal age) you cease to be sex positive.

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  • By open do you mean willing to try something that doesn’t necessarily appeal to you?

  • Not necessarily that. Everyone has hard limits and those should be respected by their partner(s).

    What I do mean is that just because a certain activity doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean that you should negatively judge someone else because it turns them on. But again, within reason, such as being between consenting adults. Activities that are non-consensual and/or with minors are not, and should not be acceptable to any rationally thinking person.