52% of women wouldn’t date a bisexual man

A recent YourTango.com poll shows that 48% of respondents would date a bisexual man and 52% would not.  To me it’s surprising in the manner that with the views I usually see expressed toward bisexual men in general society and the swinger lifestyle that I would have the thought the number in the “I would not” camp to have been much higher.

Still, the comments expressed in the column are pretty typical, even for those women saying they would date a bisexual man.  Mostly they’re along the lines of “It’s fine if he experimented in the past, but that will all change when he’s with me.” or “I think they’re just confused” and “I knew a guy who was bi, but he was experimenting and now he’s happily married with children.”

So although it seems more women are accepting of bisexual men than I had thought, the attitudes toward them, and being able to “change” them still seem to be the same.

Which makes me wonder: How many men would date a bisexual woman?

As a man, would you date a bisexual woman?

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  • Sandro

    Your comments seem to incorrectly assume that bisexual people can’t be monogamous. You seem to be saying that a bisexual man would have to “change” in order to be happily monogamous with a woman. Do we need two different words here? I understand “bisexual” to mean “gender isn’t an important factor”, while you seem to be taking it to mean “needs to have sex with people of both genders to be happy” or something.

    Or am I misunderstanding you?

  • Your question is valid, indeed. I do not mean to insinuate that a bisexual person can’t be monogamous, more to the fact that the idea many hold in a relationship with anyone – straight, bisexual, gay – is one of “It’s okay if they’re that way now, but that will all change when they are with me/married.”

    Whether it’s playing golf every Sunday, riding a motorcycle, going out with her girlfriends, going to lunch with coworkers of the opposite sex, whatever. People seem to have (and the comments on YourTango.com support this) that once in a relationship the other person will have to “give-up” aspects of their life to make their partner comfortable.

    True love should never ask someone to stop being who they are.

    Now if they willing give those up because they don’t think they are missing something, than that’s great. My issue with this is when it’s expected as shown in the comments made by the posters on YourTango.com. Whenever someone is coerced, manipulated or convinced to do (or not do) something against their will, there will be resentment involved, also.