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July 2010

Cowboys and Injuries: When monogamists pursue the polyamorous

Mistress Matisse has written a great article for the Seattle-based alternative weekly “The Stranger” about monogamist’s pursuing polyamorous people.

Fetish photos of Angelina Jolie surface

“Kinky BDSM” photos of Angelina Jolie have surfaced showing her topless with a collar and leash as well as black tape over her nipples.

A great quote about compersion

Trying to explain compersion to someone who has never felt it is like trying to explain the ocean to someone who has not only never seen it, they are also deathly afraid of water.

Bringing-up the topic of an open relationship to your partner

People understand you can have more than just one friend, even if you have a “best friend”, but many have problems applying that same logic to romantic relationships.

What’s the swingingest city in Texas? We’re about to find out

CouplesTouch.com is sponsoring four parties presented by the Texas Lifestyle Party Group, Euphoria to see which city in Texas is the swiningest of them all.