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My friend Tutivillus over at posted the following ideas of his regarding traditional relationships after a polyamory post he made a little while back.  Read what he’s said and if you have any ideas or opinions be sure to comment on

The post about Polyamory sparked a bit of a debate…and some attempts at abuse. But hey! That’s what opinions are for, correct? Now it’s time to turn the spotlight onto “Traditional” relationships.

Q: First, are they any better than non-traditional relationships?
A: Hell NO! Human beings have this incredible ability to destroy everything good and precious in their lives. We love instant gratification and can rationalize *anything*! Our “Traditional” relationships take a large part of this beating.

Q: Will God punish you or reward you for your choice in relationships?
A: Come on…PLEASE tell me you (as a reader of this blog and listener of the DungeonPlace podcast) don’t give any credence to “God’s” opinion when it comes to your happiness? You’re considerations should be applied to the people (tangible people) in your life; don’t worry about a bipolar old man in the sky.

Q: But the Bible says!….
A: The Bible is a great literary work…that is all. Don’t take it literally.

Q: Divorce rates are going down now that we’re focusing on “Traditional” relationships, right?
A: Divorce rates are going down in the U.S. – (CDC website), Cohabitation is climbing, success of these relationships is still about the same…although higher for people involved in a “marriage”. So…if that’s the case, why not just BLOW MARRIAGE OPEN TO ALL? (I’m just applying a model here).

This is opinion. All of it, with a few facts sprinkled in for good measure.

If “Traditional Marriages” are so great, why don’t we all apply that “Tradidtional” model to other relationship types? Wouldn’t that benefit us all?

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