Infidelity reality check

With the Tiger Woods and Jesse James cheating spectacles I thought it might be good to do a reality check about cheating.  It’s not uncommon, and many of those pointing fingers are in the thick of it themselves.  Of course, they get plenty of publicity because they are stars and in the public eye to begin with, but cheating is as common as pigeons under a freeway overpass.

On my street there are 12 homes.  Statistically, 5 husbands and 4 wives on my street have in the past or are presently cheating (then there is Mrs. and I with standing “hall passes”).

A Utah Jazz basketball game has an average home game attendance of 19,400 people per game.  For sake of argument lets say that it’s all heterosexual couples attending the game.  Based on known conservative statistics of those that cheat 3,880 women and 4,840 men in the crowd have or are cheating.  You can basically go down the rows and say’re cheating.’re cheating.

But yet celebrities like Tiger and Jesse get caught and put the “I’m a sex addict who needs treatment” spin on things to be more publicly acceptable, instead of just being honest (like everyone else has to do) and say “I got caught having sex with others behind my spouse’s back.”  And the public loves a spectacle as long as they’re not the subject of it.

As far as the “how is Tiger’s competitors taking it and will they welcome him back?” The other players are coaching him on how not to get caught next time.  It goes like this: “Listen, Tiger. I’ve been doing this whole tour thing since you were in diapers and I’ve banged more golf groupies than I can remember, so let me give you some tips on how to not get caught next time. 1) Don’t hook-up with a psycho…”

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