Most adulterous professions, the dating site for married people looking to cheat (do you hear ‘Escape’ [the Pina Colada song] playing in the background? I do.) did a survey of the 1.9 million people who signed-up with them last year to see who cheats the most.  Here is their results:

For Women:
1. Teachers
2. Stay-at-home Moms
3. Nurses
4. Administrative Assistants
5. Real Estate Agents

For Men:
1. Physicians
2. Police Officers
3. Lawyers
4. Real Estate Agents
5. Engineers

This really came as no surprise.  From being in the swinger lifestyle for many years we’ve noticed that teachers, those in the medical profession, Realtors and law enforcement personnel are highly overrepresented.  Over course swinging isn’t cheating, and our conclusion was that these are high stressed jobs and these people need to blow-off some steam.  They work hard, they play hard.  Niel Biderman of Ashley Madison mentions the same.

In a study of 1187 swingers done by Bellermine University in 2000 they found:

The typical swinger in this study was 39 years old, had two years of college education, had been married 1.5 times, was in a current marriage lasting 10.5 years, and had been involved in swinging for 5 years. The subjects were predominately white at 90.4 percent of the sample.  African-American’s were 4.1 percent of those sampled, Hispanic’s were 3.0 percent, and 1.5 percent indicated “other”. Gender differences were minimal on all of these characteristics. Included in the sample were ten physicians, fifteen attorneys, sixty-five upper level managers or owners of businesses, twenty-seven engineers, twenty-two teachers, forty health professionals including nurses…

Sound like the typical Ashley Madison member?

My point here is that you can’t judge someone by the sex they have behind closed doors.  Everyone has a kink.  Anyone’s sex life, if it were made public, would shock and horrify someone else.  One person’s kink is another person’s vanilla sex.  What gets one person off does nothing for someone else.  Neither is more ‘right’ than the other, it’s just ‘right’ for that particular person.  Saying that one person is ‘better’ than another, or is more ‘moral’ or ‘ethical’ in their dealings with others in business or public based upon their particular sexual preference in private, is simply stupid and a grossly inaccurate picture of who someone really is.

When (as mentioned in the previous post) as many as 20% of Americans have an open relationship some kind or another, chances are you come in contact with a swinger, a polyamorous individual, a cuckhold, a sadist or masocist, etc. on a daily basis and never know it.  Your doctor, your kid’s teacher, the police officer that just responded to the break-in call at your neighbor’s house, your neighbor, your best friend, a family member and those American soldiers you support all could be one of the above.  Their sexuality in no way dictates how they relate to their fellow men in a professional or social environment.

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