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August 2009

Shocked by swinging

I came across a blog tonight where the author was talking about how they had discovered from some neighbors that some other neighbors are suspected swingers (I won’t link his blog here because I’m sure he doesn’t want a bunch of swingers posting comments to it).  His post wasn’t bashing them at all and was […]

The Cake Analogy of Open Relationships

Lucretia MacEvil and I have a good friend that although isn’t in a open relationship has been to several swinger parties over the years with us.  After the first party she went to she commented: “Swinging is like the icing on the cake of marriage.  But if the cake underneath doesn’t have all the ingredients […]

The Ostrich Syndrome

I came across this opinion column by R. Albert Mohler, Jr, Guest Columnist for the Christian Post.  Again the “moral” minority gets it wrong, or simply has their head buried deep in the sand they don’t want to get it.  I think Allena Gabosch, Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture has it right […]


Tonight is the definition of “compersion”. All is right with the world at this moment.

First night

First night with Lucretia sleeping truly in her other partner’s bed. With the moving-out of our oldest daughter it has left a bedroom open for him so that he no longer has to sleep in the living room, which means also that Lucretia and him no longer have to sleep in the living room in […]