Calvin Klein and a foursome?


A new ad by Calvin Klein has the faux-moral-minority’s panties in a wad: three men and one woman in an obviously sexual event pose wearing nothing but Calvin Klein jeans.  The woman is laying on top of one guy while kissing another and yet another guy is at their feet fumbling with the fastener on his jeans.

Now I know, most people would call this a “good time” and say “Wow! What a lucky girl!”, especially since 80% of respondents to a Playboy Sex Survey back in 2005 (I believe) listed a threesome as their #1 sexual fantasy.  And knowing human nature I’m sure the faux-moral-minority’s fantasies are the same, they just lie and say it isn’t.  Saying things like it’s “disgusting” and sending off 15,000 plus emails to Calvin Klein telling them they are immoral freaks and they’ll never buy their products again (as if they already do).  Yet we know that privately they are titillated by it and are masturbating furiously to the image while wishing it was really them and then lamenting their shitty sex life with their frigid spouse who is privately doing the same thing they are and they’ll never admit it to each other because they other would brand them a “pervert” and a “freak”.

I’m sure Calvin Klein won’t miss the 15,000 sales to people who don’t buy their products.  After all, they aren’t Calvin Klein’s target market as shown by this comment from Calvin Klein Inc:

“…intention was to create a very sexy campaign that speaks to our targeted demographic.”

Calvin Klein Inc. is simply showing what their target market is doing or thinking about.  I don’t think stuffy, Bible-thumping, sexually repressed older-than-middle-aged folks are their demographic (even though they are secretly buying porn in record numbers).  Hell, if they were it would be the death of the product line.  Kind of like the Nissan Xterra that was marketed to 20-somethings and sold like crazy until 40-somethings wanting to be 20-somethings started buy them and 20-somethings then wanted nothing to do with a product middle-age soccer mom’s and wannabe outdoorsy people were buying.

Many couldn’t understand what all the “commotion” is about. One commenter on New York magazine’s Web site declared, “All I can see are beautiful people having a good time. It’s not the advertising that makes little children confused, it’s the uptight handling with sex-related issues in general of their parents.”

Which is exactly the point. Which is further supported in this comment from Common Sense Media:

“I can guarantee everyone below Houston Street [in Soho] is having a conversation with their children right now,” said Liz Perle, editor-in-chief of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that provides ratings for parents.

The problem is that none of the people that are concerned and offended by this ad are having that conversation with their children. They are simply covering their eyes and ignoring it, or covering it up with Bible-guilt about sex and sexuality.

Calvin Klein, thank you for being sex-positive, and please do not bow down to the faux-moral-minority. They are not worth it.  And another 20 years or so and their voices will all be but drowned-out by those that see them for what they really are: people who are both scared and envious at the same time of how other people live.

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