“Family” – The Web Series


I love this series on a polyamorous triad in Seattle, especially since it is a male-female-male triad, not the (in my opinion) overly-common female-male-female type that it seems 90% of poly couples are looking for (that will be another post).  You can watch the censored versions from the 3 Dog Pictures website that link to the YouTube versions, or you can mosey-on over to North West Live for the uncensored versions that YouTube will not play.

Also, be sure to check-out the music from the series by Christopher Bingham.

And don’t forget the swag http://www.printfection.com/familythewebseries/


3 Dog Pictures  http://www.3dogpictures.com/

North West Live Family Page http://www.nwlive.tv/family/

Christopher Bingham http://www.christopherbingham.com/

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