The Rope

Recently a friend of mine made the comment that he didn’t want to get into any serious relationship any time soon. As he put it “I’m not ready to climb that rope again, done it over and over…” My response was this poem. Perhaps a bit trite and silly but it comes from the heart. I guess in an underlying way I hope he goes for it and climbs once more callouses and all!

The rope

You can climb it

You can slide back down

You can bleed, blister

Not makin’ a sound

The rope

Makes you callous

Makes anger and ache

Makes you stop in the middle

But never forsake

The rope

Ties you up

It bends til you break

Then it unravels or busts up

With every move that you make

The rope

You keep grabbing

Wincing in hurt

Makes you silent,

Til you’ve learned to be curt

The rope

Keeps you balanced

Makes you remember the pain

So you know when to knot it

Then start over again