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November 2008

The Tunnel of Love

Last night Lucretia MacEvil and I attended a New Age God and Goddess party.  We were invited by a friend and being of the Pagan path ourselves, and being Solitaries, we thought it would be a good experience to see how it was done in a group circle. About five minutes from the home in […]

Fat Girls and Swinging

A question that I get asked a lot in the swinging lifestyle is about body types and beauty.  Some examples: “I’m not thin or beautiful will anyone be attracted to me?” “I’m not a size 2 or a size 10; no one will want a fat girl.” “What if my penis isn’t big enough?” “I […]

Which Peanuts character, as an adult, would you be attracted to and why?

Which Peanuts character, as an adult, would you be attracted to and why? With the Holidays upon us and a slew of Peanuts TV specials on their way, I got thinking: Since each Peanuts character represents a different personality type in general society and how they interact together, which character do I most closely relate […]

Are we married or not? Part 2

In my last post I mused aimlessly about the difference between the definitions of “Civil Union” and “Marriage”, and how with the support of Prop 8 certain churches would like to define “marriage” as a strictly religious union. Yet, at the same time they say they support Civil Unions, but Prop 8 (and others like […]

Are we married or not?

Authors note: This post is a little scattered, but I was writing as this was rushing through my head and needed to be put in print. A big issue I see in the whole “married” persons debate and same sex marriages is that you cannot give people rights entitled to married persons, such as medical, […]